Juan Carlos Association
Tributes and Dedications

From Lisbeth Garces and Stacey Bonitati:

A gift to honor the life of Cristina Cimmarusti, who was taken from us too soon. A smile that lit up every room she entered. A beautiful person inside and out.

From Camille and Bill Doane:

A gift to honor the life of Steve Kowit, irreverently sweet guy and local poetry teacher. A tireless advocate for the oppressed, he would have loved seeing all people being treated with respect in Lisbeth's classes.

From Anthony Stypinski, son of the late
Leszek Stypinski, Lisbeth's oldest Zumba student at 102 years.

A gift to thank Lisbeth for helping make my father happy during his final years

From Melodee and Tara Arnold:

A gift to honor the life of Ruthie, Forever Hope.

From June Melin, M.D.:

A gift to honor the life of Brock Denham, lost to SIDS at five months.

From Barbara Barmatz:

A gift to honor the life and work of Evie Melnick, a dedicated teacher of students with learning disabilities, from her sister.

From Jane and Peter Doft:

A gift to honor the life of Rebecca Katz Doft.

From Jacqueline Hanson:

A gift to honor the life of Paul Louis Hanson, beloved brother and dear friend.

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