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“As a physician who has had the pleasure of participating in Lizbeth's Zumba® classes for the past several years, I applaud her vision and initiative in creating dance therapy classes for people with movement challenges. Lizbeth brings her unbridled enthusiasm and joy to each class that she teaches. In addition, it’s clear that participants in her classes are getting real exercise and building group social skills as they move together in a supportive, joyful atmosphere. This is especially valuable for young people with disabilities: as pointed out in a 2012 study issued by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the benefits of exercise among children with disabilities may be even more important than for others, because they are at greater risk of being sedentary.

Christy Hendrickson, M.D, CET
(Certificate in Educational Therapy)
Learning Connections, Founder and Director
Solana Beach, Ca.


"Thank you so much for your delightful class. It has been such a blessing for me during my visit."

a grateful"Zumbatier"


"I am one of your senior members, and the classes give me a new zest on life. I feel years younger."

Thelma M.


"Zumba® gives me great joy!"

Sue B.


"I love your classes!! And thank you for all you do for the seniors and special needs."

Jean D.
55+ Health Life Styles


"Thank you so much for generously donating your time to teach Zumba® to our participants at Camp Wet & Wild. They really enjoyed it and it added a fun and unique element to camp."

Andrea E.
City of San Diego
Park and Recreation Department
Therapeutic Recreation Services


"Zumba® has been such an amazing experience for my students. They adore you and adore the one hour per week they get to be with friends, laugh, dance, and feel good about themselves. Your generosity and spirit is infectious."



"Zumba Gold® was a life-changing experience for me. I loved it and it made me feel so alive! Lisbeth is a wonderful teacher and an extraordinary person with a heart as big as all outdoors!"

Gwynedd S.


"Thank you so much for bringing Zumba® to us each week. We know it’s from a special place in your heart."



"Thanks for bringing Zumba® into my life."



"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and energizing my days!"

Susan Z.


"You have directly helped us toward reaching our goal of helping breast cancer survivors improve their health and well-being. I am grateful that you were able to give them, and all of us, the opportunity to learn another great way to take care of ourselves through making physical activity fun."

Shoshi B.
University of California San Diego Medical Center


"Your passion as a trainer and compassion for your students has helped improve my life immensely. I have and will continue to recommend your class to anyone interested in working out regardless of their age or weight or is just curious about Zumba®."

Gabriela L.


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