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Juan Carlos Organization

A New Look for a new Year

HOT STUFF coming your way: Sunday, August 2, 10:00 am
It's a Summer Zumba Party, led by Lisbeth Garces
Join us at the Rawmana Fitness Facility, located at 4237
Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92117 (southeast corner of
Balboa Ave/Clairemont Dr intersection
All proceeds benefit Juan Carlos Organization
Suggested donation: $20

What's New?

As Juan Carlos Organization enters its fourth year of presenting inclusive, joyful exercise for all, we have adopted a new look - check out the new colors in our logo - and a new motto: "Acceptance, Joy/Feliz, Inclusion!"

In response to requests from JCO supporters over the past two years, an online store featuring JCO clothing, totes, and towels is now open for business at:

All students in JCO classes soon will be provided a JCO t-shirt, thanks to funds recently received from the Golden Triangle Rotary Club. When students wear their t-shirts out in the larger community, they help to spread awareness about the JCO classes. Lisbeth Garces and the JCO Board of Directors sincerely thank the Golden Triangle Rotarians for their support!


When the International Special Olympics take place in Los Angeles July 25 - August 2, 2015, some 6,500 athletes will represent 165 countries at this "One World of Inclusion" event. As organizers arranged enrichment activities for participants in these games, they identified the Juan Carlos Organization program of joyful, inclusive exercise as the leading program of its kind in San Diego County, and invited Lisbeth to present an exercise event for the Special Olympics participants.
Closed to the general public, the event is set for July 23.

Meet Cheryl Valin

Cheryl has been working with Lisbeth for the last year to become a Zumba instructor so she too can teach JCO classes! Nothing slows Cheryl down - not even cerebral palsy! If you are in a position to financially support Cheryl in this endeavor, or know an organization that is, please contact us.

Please use SmileAmazon when making online purchases to donate to JCO - at NO extra cost to you! We greatly appreciate your continued support!
Our organization would not survive without your financial support! Please consider donating today.
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